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27 Years of Service

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IS-BAO Audit

Premiair has always strived for best practice standards and safety as its upmost importance on any flight mission. This has been reflected in continuous category 1 safety standards, Oil and Gas Producer (OGP) approved services and Stage 3 approved International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO).
A new milestone has now drive Premiair into establishing a new frontier in auditing. Premiair is now approved to conduct IS-BAO stage 1- 2 - 3 audits along with all registration process for those operators wishing to engage and register to IS-BAO. An in-house IS-BAO accredited auditor is now available to conduct support, registration and audit.
The IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations), developed by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and its member associations, is a code of best practices designed to help flight departments to achieve high levels of safety and professionalism.

This standard is recognized as an industry standard by NBAA for Standardization. Non-commercial operators (PART 135/ FAA/OTAR 91/ OTAR 125) of complex motor-powered aircraft shall be able to use their registration under IS-BAO in the declaration to the civil aviation authorities (Cayman & Bermuda) to show compliance with regulatory requirements and their associated responsibilities. Furthermore it is anticipated that national regulatory authorities will take into account IS-BAO registration in their regulatory oversight of business aviation operators engaged in commercial operations.

The IS-BAO services offered by Premiair consist of individual services or entire packages including the following:

  • IS-BAO Implementation Support
  • IS-BAO Registration Audits
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Complete Safety Management and Safety Assurance Programs
  • SMS Gap Analysis
  • Process Integration
  • Safety Audits and Safety Evaluations
  • Manuals and Process Documentation
  • Training

For further information please contact norman.sukardi@flypremiair.com or sales@flypremiair.com. For IS-BAO related materials please visit www.IBAC.org.